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    Pablo Citarella was born in the city of La Plata, (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1977.

    He started his piano lessons at the age of 7 and studied a wide range of musical styles.

    In 1997 he entered the Carlos Lopez Buchardo National Conservatorium of Buenos Aires where he took piano lessons with the piano teacher Manuel Massone and the career of composer with the teachers Claudio Schulkin and Guillermo Pozzati.

    He graduated from the National Conservatory in 2002 and continued his studies under the direction of several teachers among which outstand Vera Asanova and Elsa Púppulo.

    In this years he dedicated himself to chamber music playing in different academies.

    In 2002 he creates a wind ensamble with piano called Antares with which he gave chamber music concerts in several auditoriums, like in the main room of Colon Theatre where he obtained a scholarship for young musicians.

    He has been awarded with notes and prizes all over the country.

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