The Team


Alberto Abbate

Alberto always had an entrepreneurial spirit and founded Santa Maria Del Sur amongst other restaurants and shops in London. He’s a big tech enthusiast & he always saw London as the city of great opportunities. In his spare time he draws, learns to play the piano and dances Tango. His favourite? Spending time with his daughter.

Alberto-Abbate-Santa Maria Del Sur

Facundo Astese-Santa Maria Del Sur


Facundo Astese

Facundo was born in Argentina and is now Santa Maria Del Sur’s manager. He moved to London in 2014 and has a degree in Business Administration. Besides mixing delicious cocktails, he is also very passionate about football and travelling.


David Castaño

David is our Spanish waiter at Santa Maria Del Sur. He is a huge fan of London and has been living here for more than 6 years. When he’s not in the restaurant, you can find him as a musician, songwriter and singer somewhere in London.

David Castano-Santa Maria Del Sur

Antonio J Lopez-Santa Maria Del Sur


Antonio Jose Lopez

Antonio is our secretary. He has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and in his spare time he is really passionate about football. Odd hobbies? Yes, he is also interested in stock markets. He comes from beautiful Spain.


Ruslan Kenzin

Meet “El Ruso”, our grill chef at Santa Maria Del Sur. You probably have guessed it: he comes from Russia. He moved to London more than 10 years ago and enjoys hanging out during British summers and spending time with friends.

Rosztislav Popovics-Santa Maria Del Sur

Ambrose Zaldua Santa Maria Del Sur


Ambrose Zaldua

Ambrose is one of our bartenders and he originally comes from Columbia. Besides being a great asset to the team, he also is a musician – he plays the violin – and a producer. He has been living in London for over 15 years.



Eduardo Borges

Eduardo moved to London 6 months ago and is now our Kitchen Porter. He actually studied auto mechanic in Venezuela, where he is from, which explains his passion for cars and travels. Now he loves to cook, too!

Eduardo Borges Santa Maria Del Sur

Domenico D'aniello Santa Maria Del Sur


Domenico D'aniello

Domenico is Italian and joined us as a waiter. He sparks with happiness and we are glad to have him on our team. He likes football and is an excellent pasta chef.



Julian Caballero

Julian is Argentinian but has lived in Italy for 15 years as well. Now he lives in London and joined Santa Maria Del Sur as a bartender. When he is not behind the bar he spends his time as a musician and drummer.

Julian Caballero Santa Maria Del Sur

Raffaele Paolicelli Santa Maria Del Sur


Raffaele Paolicelli

We are happy to welcome another Italian waiter to our Santa Maria Del Sur team. Raffaele moved to London 8 month ago and studies Motion Graphics. He is also a professional photographer and loves red wine (great combination!).